GIVEAWAY- Free Prescription Glasses from Firmoo!

Stephanie Marchetti | Sandpaper & Glue, a home and lifestyle blog

Back in April I posted about some new prescription glasses I got from an overseas company called Firmoo. I am still loving them, and wearing them everyday, so I thought that what with the holidays I’d host a giveaway for a free pair for one of my readers!

giveaway- firmoo prescription glasses

Firmoo has a whole section of their site called the collection for bloggers and the winner can pick any one pair from the collection to get FOR FREE. Including the prescription lenses!!

Don’t panic that you won’t get to try them on either, because you can upload a picture of your face and try them on electronically. 🙂

I wear mine all day every day and they have held up super well. I was hesitant at first because I’m used to paying $300+ for designer prescription glasses but honestly, I will never ever do that again. This specs are the bomb dot…

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