GIVEAWAY: Lorac Pro Palette 3, Open Internationally

Glamour Vortex

LORDY LOO, I’ve neglected this blog. “Updating sporadically” should be my new tagline. Between still working on my room and college, I haven’t had much time or interest for this blog. Interest being the main one. I feel like a recovering addict. A new makeup release used to eat at me for days, even weeks, until I could get my grubby paws on it. Aside from a few tiny purchases and a few birthday presents, I haven’t bought makeup for six months now and I don’t really miss it all that much! However…

When I saw that I could order this new palette early with my Platinum Perk access (the Makeup Addicts Anonymous therapist never talks about the rewards of our addiction!) I just thought “aw heck, errybody loves Lorac, right?” and decided to atone for my grievous sins.

So who wants the brand-spankin’ new Lorac Pro Palette 3

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