Brighton With Style Counsel + Worldwide Giveaway


July is almost over. Wow! Where did the month go? I recently hit 6,000 followers on Instagram. Whoop whoop. I am super stoked. I can’t believe how much the Kim Dave family has grown in the last few years. I am grateful to you all for taking time to actually visit my blog and social media accounts whenever I put out new content. You make it worth it. You are a major part in helping me realise my purpose, which is to “inspire women to look their best, have control over lives while possessing hearts of gold ” ♛♛♛ Thank you for deciding to be part of my journey. Here’s to many more inspiring years ahead!
For many obvious reasons, I’d be having a worldwide giveaway. Yayyyy!. I would be giving away the Sunkissed Moroccan Escape Ombre Lips Set and Sunkissed Rio Beach Bronzer Set. Yep, both of them…

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